From the speed of sound to the speed of life. It’s supersonics meets psychedelics!

Every time they enter the cockpit, fighter pilots push every limit. They’re trained to go to the very edge during combat missions. But what happens when they come back down to earth?

Trauma…depression…addiction…hidden wounds…isolation. These are their new enemies, and they often fight them alone.

No Fallen Heroes is the eye-opening story of real TOPGUN pilots who are finding a new way to win those dark battles.

The upcoming movie reveals an ancient method that’s providing near-instant healing from the trauma that veterans endure. Amazingly, it’s psychedelic medicine.

Our Mission

To share the stories of fighter pilots who’ve gotten their lives back (and better) through this method.

To bring education and hope to every struggling veteran, 22 of whom commit suicide each day.


If you or a veteran you know needs help, contact the Veteran’s Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255. Or 305-358-HELP (2477) or dial 911.

Be part of the Mission!

Help us finish this important film so we can educate the widest audience possible and eradicate veteran suicide. 

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Veterans now face the most dangerous mission of all: the mission within. No Fallen Heroes is dedicated to saving lives. This is our mission.